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Empower Yourself: On Becoming a Mother

2nd July 2014

Empower Yourself, Part 4

Becoming a mother changed my life. I would never, ever choose to go back to the time before my daughters were born, or before I was fortunate enough to become a stepmother to my wonderful stepson, as these children are the greatest blessings I have ever experienced. I admit though that even with my little darlings there are challenging moments from time to time, and as a mother I have been called upon to truly develop patience in a way I never had to before.

As Miranda says in her book, Empower Yourself, "I am thankful that new experiences and opportunities continue to arise in many areas of my life. Apart from allocating more time to writing. I'm also continuing to build my career both as a model and businesswoman. Of course, the most significant change in my life recently has been becoming a mother. My son Flynn has brought a new level of perspective to my life and I feel thoroughly blessed."

Affirmations can be key to developing that new perspective and dealing with all the joys and challenges of being a mother. Here are a few more from Miranda that I'd like to share:

"You let yourself shed tears when you feel the need. You acknowledge that it's not a sign of weakness - it's a freeing act for your body, mind and soul. I cry when I need to, as this is a good release."

"Believe in your inner strength. You draw on your inner strength during difficult times and find you can handle just about anything. You are strong, capable and unshakeable. I am strong and resilient and can handle anything life puts in my path."

Have you found your own affirmations you’d like to share? We'd like to hear from you in the comments below!

Brandy Mussman
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