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Empower Yourself: On Keeping Life in Balance

25th June 2014

Empower Yourself, Part 2

Work, friends, family, personal time—I have a very full schedule. Children, friends, parents, siblings, neighbors, colleagues and pets—there are so many beings who need my attention at any given time. I have found to my regret at times that I allowed myself to get out of balance by focusing too much on one area and ignoring the others, and that always has negative repercussions.

As Miranda says in her book, Empower Yourself, "I've realized that in order to feel my best, it is important to keep my life in balance. With so much going on in our lives, and so many different priorities, it is easy to get out of balance. Placing too much emphasis on any one area of our lives, be it work, family, friends, exercise, entertainment, or romance, can leave us feeling strained and depleted. I notice that when each aspect of my life is balanced with the others, I really perform at my best. My personal goal is to be balanced, thoughtful, heart-centered and relaxed as much as possible. When I am able to do this I feel a sense of harmony flowing throughout my life."

Affirmations have supported my journey to developing a harmonious balance. Here are a couple of my favorites that I've learned from Miranda:

Listen to Your Heart: "I listen with love to my heart's messages."

The heart is very wise, but I find I have to be very quiet to be able to hear it. I often practice putting my hands over my heart and just feeling into my heart center when I have a decision to make. I notice that when I do this and experience how the different options make me feel, it quickly becomes clear which is the right choice for me. Negative choices make me feel constricted in the heart; positive choices make me feel expanded. Neutral choices have no effect. When I’m overwhelmed by the many different beings that need my attention and unsure of which one to focus on, doing this simple exercise of placing my hands on my heart always results in the "knowing" I need to make that decision and let go of the worry and anxiety over what won't get attended to. This allows me to be fully present in the moment, as I know I've made the right decision by listening to the heart.

Another of my favorites:
"I am a spiritual being with a strong connection to the Divine."

I find that simply reminding myself of this inspires me to move into my daily spiritual practice of prayer. Sometimes I get so lost inside the rush of my schedule that it’s good to have that reminder, which is why this one is up on my mirror!

Brandy Mussman
COO, KORA Organics

Next up: Recognizing Our Uniqueness... but in the meantime, I'd love for you to share with others your own strategies for keeping life in balance in the comments below.

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