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Empower Yourself: On Recognizing Our Uniqueness

29th June 2014

Empower Yourself, Part 3

A key message from Miranda’s new book Empower Yourself is that we each need to recognize and appreciate our uniqueness. In my experience, I have often had reason to recognize the unique contributions of each player on my team, and it's always more than just their basic skill set that people contribute. People also contribute unique perspectives, humor, and creative ideas. Sometimes this causes tension, but I have learned that under the tension there is usually commitment and caring. The trick is to keep moving the energy back into positive flow.

As Miranda says in her book, Empower Yourself, "I've come to appreciate the unique talents of others as well as my own. I find that when I recognize and appreciate the talents of others I am able to forge positive relationships where we can all benefit from one another. No matter what our specific talents are, the important thing is to acknowledge that we all have unique skills and strengths to share. Let's remind ourselves to appreciate our uniqueness, so we feel free to be ourselves."

Many of Miranda's affirmations inspire me to have the courage to express my uniqueness, but one I love in particular is this one:

"I stand by what I believe in."

There are times when I am tempted to doubt my intuitive "knowing" because it seems that no one else sees things the way I do. However I find that when I have the courage to speak up and articulate what I believe so that others can hear and understand, they often end up agreeing with me. It takes courage to stand by what I believe in, but I find that when I do so in a positive way I reap positive results.

Brandy Mussman
COO KORA Organics

Next up: Becoming a Mother... and in the meantime, please tell me what makes you unique in the comments below. I want to hear!

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