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#SpreadTheLight Friendship

2nd June 2014

#SpreadTheLight Friendship

The theme of this month at KORA Organics is "Friendship." That naturally got me to thinking about my own close friendships, and how powerful they are in my life.

I was an adult over the age of 30 before I really started to appreciate that real friendships are just as serious as romantic commitments, and often more so.

Real friendships don't end. Most romantic attachments do.

So in other words, real friendships are basically like having a partner for life.

I only have a couple of those, to be honest. I consider myself very lucky to have that many. I've been very blessed by my girlfriends and to be honest I have always felt woefully inadequate as a friend when I measure what I receive versus what I give.

My best friend since high school, Lorrie, was there holding my legs up during the birth of both of my daughters (I gave in to the epidurals, which cause temporary paralysis of your legs, thus the necessity of someone holding them up and out of the way. She took one, my husband took the other).

I had historically long and ridiculously difficult labors (46 hours with the first, 27 hours with the second, and that was with an induction). She drove the two and a half hours to be by my side in the middle of the night and was there the entire time, not saying a word when I couldn't keep a stitch of clothing on because of the labor "heat" (if you've ever been in labor, and most of you reading this have, you understand); getting me everything I requested, from ice chips to popsicles to broth, telling me jokes, rubbing my back, standing strong when I was breaking down into tears from the pain.

Lorrie is a nurse and is used to seeing people in pain. But my first labor was so horrible and scary, I found out later that she went into the bathroom several times to cry because of how awful it was to see me that way and because she didn't want me to see her tears. She figured I had enough of my own.

On my second labor, the labor just wouldn't kick in fully. So I walked up and down the hill outside the hospital for hours to get it to come on more strongly. Hours and hours and hours, and she was by my side every step of the way. My husband passed out from exhaustion in the hospital room, but Lorrie kept going.

Sometimes our men just can't keep up with what we have to do as women. This is why we need our girlfriends. Husbands are no substitute, even the best of them (and honestly, mine is a saint).

Lorrie took the first pictures of my babies, bruised and pink.

Words cannot describe my gratitude to her for her friendship. We've watched one another grow from teenagers sneaking out to see boys to wives and mothers and I expect we’ll know and love each other’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren too.

I love my husband and I’m committed to him for life. But I’m committed to my real friends for life too. I think that's what it means to be friends, instead of acquaintances or associates. Friendship is deep, abiding, and lasts for life.

Brandy Mussman
COO, KORA Organics

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