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  • Tea For Two

    29th November 2014

    Tea For Two

    Drinking herbal tea is a great way to stay hydrated, a wonderful additional source of vitamins and minerals with many aromatherapy benefits – from calming the mind to uplifting the spirit, and there’s the social aspect of sharing tea and memorable conversations with friends. Herbs also have a variety of amazing healing powers too, which is why we use many well-sourced, specifically selected and high quality certified organic herbs in KORA Organics.

  • Finding Appreciation & Gratitude in Friendships

    11th June 2014

    Finding Appreciation & Gratitude in Friendships

    This month we are not only celebrating the return of our blog, Spread the Light, but we are also celebrating all of the friendships in our lives. Part of that celebration is taking a moment to reflect on the beauty of these precious relationships and also remembering to show appreciation for them. Below are some quotes and affirmations on friendship that we love and wanted to share. We also want to hear from you! Tell us stories of your friendships and tag #SpreadtheLight on any of your social pages! Remember there is an extra bonus of a chance to win a Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert tea-set!

  • #SpreadTheLight Friendship

    2nd June 2014


    The theme of this month at KORA Organics is "Friendship." That naturally got me to thinking about my own close friendships, and how powerful they are in my life.

    I was an adult over the age of 30 before I really started to appreciate that real friendships are just as serious as romantic commitments, and often more so.

    Real friendships don't end. Most romantic attachments do.

    So in other words, real friendships are basically like having a partner for life.

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