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  • Healing Energy

    6th February 2015

    Healing Energy

    You may have read in some press articles that when I'm asked what's in my handbag, along with my KORA Organics mist, lip balm, hand cream, phone, wallet and affirmation cards, I often mention a crystal wand or a Rose Quartz crystal.

  • Balance

    3rd November 2014


    When I’m asked what area in my life is a continual focus it often circles back to balance.

    Balance is the equilibrium between the body, mind and spirit, family, relationships, work and play… maintaining balance in all areas of your life is essential for your wellbeing, happiness and productivity.

    It’s easy for anyone to get caught up in the demands and chaos of everyday life, but there are simple steps you can take (and you can control), to regain greater balance so you’re functioning at your optimum and at the same time living in a more synchronised and harmonious manner. You’re also then more able to focus your attention and energy on attaining your goals, and moving forward in a meaningful way.

  • Be Productive

    25th October 2014

    Be Productive

    Introducing a few activities into your working week will assist with managing stress and may also help you be more productive.

    Here are a few ideas...

    Start the day nutritiously – this helps keeps your energy levels up and assists concentration. See Nourish Your Body From The Inside for Miranda's vitamin packed super smoothie.

    Walking and fresh air – try to fit in a 20 minute brisk walk, or walk to work if you can... good for you and the environment.

    Take a break – download a meditation practice on your iPhone or smartphone, there's so many wonderful apps that are free and cater for short work breaks and stress relief.

    Get a good nights sleep – so important as it's when your body is best equipped to repair and restore.

  • Treasure Your Beautiful Eyes

    16th July 2014

    Treasure Your Beautiful Eyes

    I believe the eyes are the highlight of any face.

    To me, the color doesn't matter so much… it’s what the eyes reveal about one's state of being that I believe makes them attractive (or sometimes, not so attractive) to others.

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