Empower Yourself: On Becoming a Mother

Empower Yourself, Part 4

Becoming a mother changed my life. I would never, ever choose to go back to the time before my daughters were born, or before I was fortunate enough to become a stepmother to my wonderful stepson, as these children are the greatest blessings I have ever experienced. I admit though that even with my little darlings there are challenging moments from time to time, and as a mother I have been called upon to truly develop patience in a way I never had to before.


Empower Yourself: On Recognizing Our Uniqueness

Empower Yourself, Part 3

A key message from Miranda’s new book Empower Yourself is that we each need to recognize and appreciate our uniqueness. In my experience, I have often had reason to recognize the unique contributions of each player on my team, and it’s always more than just their basic skill set that people contribute. People also contribute unique perspectives, humor, and creative ideas. Sometimes this causes tension, but I have learned that under the tension there is usually commitment and caring. The trick is to keep moving the energy back into positive flow.


Empower Yourself: On Keeping Life in Balance

Empower Yourself, Part 2

Work, friends, family, personal time—I have a very full schedule. Children, friends, parents, siblings, neighbors, colleagues and pets—there are so many beings who need my attention at any given time. I have found to my regret at times that I allowed myself to get out of balance by focusing too much on one area and ignoring the others, and that always has negative repercussions.


Empower Yourself: Personal Affirmations to Inspire You

Empower Yourself, Part 1

There are certain tools I have acquired that have helped me on my path to success more than others, and two of those are positive affirmations and prayer. I often look for my inspiration to the Founder and Managing Director of KORA Organics (and one of my dearest friends), who has traveled around the world as a model, commercial spokesperson, author, and advocate for numerous causes involving animals, the environment, and children. Miranda often says that she couldn’t have done any of this without genuine self-worth and personal power, and she has built that through the use of daily affirmations and prayer.