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The Blog is Back...

31st May 2014

The Blog is Back...

We are so grateful for all the beautiful email inquiries we received requesting that we once again launch our blog… and now we have!

We've reworked it a bit to reflect the change and growth we've experienced as a company since our inception. We're thrilled with our new name, "Spread The Light," as that is what Miranda is always seeking to do in every endeavor – indeed, in every moment, and we at KORA Organics seek to do the same, through our products, through our customer service, and through the messages that we communicate with one another and with our customers.

It’s all about spreading the light, isn't it? The world can appear to be a dark place sometimes, but in truth there is so much to be positive and optimistic about, there are so many stories and new scientific research and insights that can help us all to open our hearts and our minds and live in our best selves more easily... and we seek to share with you the information and experiences that our authors have to help spread that light.

We look forward to your comments and participation with this blog. Please let us know what you think as you read through our new posts! Please spread the light along with us by forwarding links to friends and sharing on social media if you feel inspired to do so.

Let's all spread the light together.

Shine on,

Brandy Mussman
COO, KORA Organics

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