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Treasure Your Beautiful Eyes

16th July 2014

Treasure Your Beautiful Eyes

I believe the eyes are the highlight of any face.

To me, the color doesn't matter so much… it’s what the eyes reveal about one's state of being that I believe makes them attractive (or sometimes, not so attractive) to others.

Our eyes tell us so much. They tell us if we are tired, sad, angry, happy, confident, shining, loving, or disappointed and pessimistic.

I've noticed that on the mornings that I take the time to center myself with prayer and meditation, when I look in the mirror afterwards my eyes are bright and shining. My heart feels centered and open and my eyes reflect that.

On the days when I skip my spiritual practice it tends to be hit-or-miss. Sometimes I get lucky and my eyes show me I'm in a good state, often because of something happy I'm anticipating that day. But many other days this is when the other states come in, such as tired, worried or anxious. Those eyes are less bright and certainly don't shine. Often my eyes, which are naturally blue, even appear a darker shade of blue on those days. It’s as though less light is shining through them…

Occasionally, I do find that even on those days where my eyes are bright and shining, they still have bags underneath them. It’s on those days that I whip my KORA Recovery Eye Gel Cream out of my refrigerator and dab a little of it's coolness on. It's always an immediate relief. The formula is cooling even if you don't keep it in the fridge, but I love the extra coolness against my skin.

In my experience, all the makeup in the world won't make up for eyes that reveal a negative state. So the best make up for me truly is completely natural... it comes from prayer and meditation... centering myself for the day. The only side effects are beautiful, shining eyes.

I recommend that you treasure your eyes... your beautiful eyes. They reveal to you your state of being and act as guideposts to help you raise your awareness of negative states and change direction through affirmations, prayer, meditation, exercise... whatever works for you to uplift you.

Brandy Mussman
COO, KORA Organics

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