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  1. Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm

    Affirmation Gift Set


    (Valued at $44.95)

    Full of love, empowerment and inspiration—quotes from Miranda’s best selling book Treasure Yourself are shared on these beautiful affirmation cards. Inspire and uplift friends and family with this lovely boxed set—and as an added treat we've included our Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm. Spread the words this Christmas and holiday season.

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  2. Treasure Yourself Affirmation Cards

    Treasure Yourself Affirmation Cards


    Full of love, empowerment and inspiration—quotes from Miranda’s best selling book Treasure Yourself are shared on these beautiful affirmation cards. Inspire and uplift friends and family with this lovely boxed set. Spread the words. Learn More
  3. Essential Body Pack

    Holiday Beauty Gift Set


    (Valued at $123.20)

    Hands, Lips, Mind. All beautiful, all taken care of with our award winning Daily Hand Cream, Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm and legendary Balancing Rose Mist... beautifully boxed with good Christmas spirit and amazing ingredients.

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  4. Essential Body Pack

    Holiday Essentials Gift Set


    (Valued at $170.28)

    Glowing skin compliments a glowing personality—our Holiday Essentials pairs our hydrating Essential Body Wash and Enriched Body Lotion for the gift of soft, soothed and spectacular skin this Christmas. We've also included our rejuvenating Luxurious Rosehip Body Oil, known for it’s power to calm, heal and repair, it’s one of our customers', and Miranda’s favourite essentials. All three come in a cute and convenient wash bag.

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  5. Essential Body Pack

    Body Essentials Gift Set


    (Valued at $106.28)

    When you find something special, share it with others. KORA Organics has discovered a world of true organics—selective ingredients, unbelievably high standards, amazing results—you'll find them in our Enriched Body Lotion and Essential Body Wash, together in a limited edition beauty bag. Give a gift this Christmas and holiday season that goes beyond organic... to a better way of living in overall beauty.

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  6. Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm

    Everyday Essentials Gift Set


    (Valued at $71.23)

    Everyday is a chance to thank those that have given, and to give a gift of gratitude. We think our award winning Daily Hand Cream and Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm say it perfectly. Enjoy the small things—incredibly smooth hands and the softest lips. Presented in a zippable beauty bag that will keep you in their thoughts this Christmas and holiday season. And them in yours.

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  7. Beautifying Pack

    Beautifying Pack


    (Valued at $190.00)

    Everything you need to complete your beauty routine! Even out skin tone and protect your complexion with our Tinted Day Cream – it's specially formulated to suit all skin types and tones (also contains natural SPF). Smooth and protect your lips to keep them kissably soft with Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm. Conceal and reduce any blemishes with the active Blemish Gel, and rescue tired eyes with our soothing Recovery Eye Gel Cream.

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  8. Purse Pack

    Purse Pack


    (Valued at $112.00)

    When you're on the go it's handy to have the essentials at your fingertips! Soothe and protect your hands and cuticles with our Daily Hand Cream, apply our Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm to keeps your lips soft and hydrated and a spritz of the Energising Citrus Mist to refresh, uplift and revitalize your complexion. This is a must for day trippers and jet setters alike.

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  9. Essential Body Pack

    Essential Body Pack


    (Valued at $97.00)

    Treat yourself as part of your daily routine by gently cleansing with the Essential Body Wash and nourishing your body with the Enriched Body Lotion – it includes organically grown ingredients like Noni, Cocoa Butter and Macadamia to help restore a natural glow and optimum hydration levels.

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  10. Revitalising Body Pack

    Revitalising Body Pack


    (Valued at $219.00)

    Treat yourself to an all over whole-body glow! Start by buffing away dead skin cells with our gentle yet effective Exfoliating Cream, then freshen and invigorate your skin with our aromatic Essential Body Wash. Finish with a powerful treatment for your skin by mixing several drops of our award winning Luxurious Rosehip Body Oil with our Enriched Body Lotion for skin that is smooth, luminous and deeply moisturised all over!

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