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"The rash is virtually gone and he is so much happier..."

Hi the team at KORA Organics, my name is Kate and I live in Queenstown, N.Z. I have an eight-month-old son and he is teething something awful at the moment. We have nine teeth already, and counting! Because of this, he has been getting a rash all around his mouth and it's been so sore and red. Sooooo, I've been using the KORA Organics Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm on it. It works SO FAST! It's incredible! Within half an hour of putting the balm on, the rash is virtually gone and he is so much happier. I'm not sure how or why this works so well but it really does, so a big thank you!
From Kate and Baby Ned

"KORA Organics inspired me to lead an Organic Lifestyle..."

Dear Miranda and the KORA Organics team,

My name is Madeleine, and I am officially in love with KORA Organics and all it entails! I've recently moved out of home and into a university residence, it is a hard place to live and be healthy, in the first few weeks here I gained a lot of weight, my skin began to break out like a freakish nightmare and I felt sluggish almost all the time. Being an 18 year old, and living a healthy life can be hard especially when there is so much pressure to go out partying and drinking every other night and eat a lot of unhealthy foods. But KORA Organics inspired me to lead an organic lifestyle! I've been using the Cream Cleanser, the Balancing Rose Mist at night, the Soothing Day and Night Cream, the Exfoliating Cream, Enriched Body Lotion, and the amazing Luxurious Rosehip Oil, which doesn't leave my side! I cannot pick a single favorite, as I love them all so much! They smell so gorgeous and I feel them working, leaving my skin feeling fresh and clean.

My friends say I'm a copycat, but I say I've taken a risk and it paid off! I've begun recently to try and model my lifestyle off of the KORA Organics range and Miranda herself. That is to say, I have switched to an organic diet and started using only organic skincare, following the A-Blood-Type diet, begun drinking Noni juice and practicing Yoga daily. I've lost almost 12 kilos, which is more than I've gained in the last few months here, I spring out of bed every morning with boundless energy and my skin just glows, like I never thought it could! I feel healthy and alive! My family noticed such a difference when I first saw them after beginning to use the KORA range; my Mum and sister swear I'm a new person.

People ask me what I use on my skin, and how I maintain such energy and joy all the time, I always smile and tell them that it’s KORA! In the residence I live in, I am now the one people come to for advice about skincare and health, many have borrowed my copy of Treasure Yourself, and a large group of us are now cooking and eating organic foods together. We share everything now, joys and sadness, food and drink, skincare and exercise. It feels so amazing to know that I am helping, seeing such a difference in these people I live with. People admire what I'm doing and how I'm living and I owe it all to KORA. It feels incredible being a role model to just a few young people, Miranda must feel so amazing, she has helped so many people, directly or indirectly, by showing us how to make the most of life and of ourselves!

There is so much love here that I never knew existed, not in myself and not in anyone else, it pulsates around us and I can see it spreading to more and more people, it is amazing, truly. I wanted to thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, for not just giving me beautiful skin and a healthier body and mind, but for everything you have done to promote health, self-worth, and life! Your products have not just changed my life, but the lives of so many people I know and love.

Thank you.
Xxx Madeleine

"I am again very impressed and it is great to find a product that lives up to its promise..."

Dear KORA Organics Team,

My name is Anna Kirker, and I came along to your pop up stand on Thursday night with my 2-year-old daughter Holly, who was lucky enough to have her photo taken with Miranda. Holly has had quite bad dermatitis on her hands, elbows and knees for over a year now and I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find that magic cream to cure it and to help soothe it, so she is not itching all day and making it worse. I had resorted to putting steroid cream on morning and night to try and keep it under control as she has been itching at it so much. After ordering KORA products for my face last week, and being seriously impressed with how great they are, I thought that I must give them a go for Holly's skin. After seeing on your website that you were going to have a stand at the Fashion Night Out, I thought we'd go along while in town to get some product for Holly - I had no idea how many people would be there! I purchased the Daily Hand Cream for Holly, but Miranda thought the Soothing Day and Night Cream would be better suited so kindly gave Holly some and asked me to email you to let you know how we got on.

Well.... I am again very impressed and it is great to find a product that lives up to its promise, and stops Holly itching so much. I took some photos of Holly's elbow and hand on Friday morning, and then some photos of them again last night and this morning to show you the difference, (sorry they aren't that great as it's hard to get a 2 year old to stay still, but I think you can tell how the redness has gone down dramatically and there are far fewer scratches from her itching). The Soothing Day and Night Cream truly has made her much more comfortable, which is great. (The before pics are on the left, with the 'after' pics just two days later on the right).

I've been telling people how great I think the cream is, so I just wanted to let you know and show you too!

Thank you very much,
xx Anna and Holly Kirker

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Miranda...

G'day Miranda,

Absolutely thank-you for sharing your beautiful skin care range with us. I have been using KORA skin care products for just on a month and the changes to my skin are fantastic, I no longer suffer from adult acne which I have had since my first child was born 15 yrs ago and I also use your Enriched Body Lotion on my 8 year old daughter who suffer from eczema since she was 4 months old, her skin is starting to look gorgeous like the day when she was born. You are such an inspirational person to me and my three gorgeous daughters, I'm very grateful for it.

People who read this, it's all truthful I brought KORA organic skin care range in Parramatta Sydney at David Jones on 31 August 2011 because I couldn't buy it in Launceston (Tasmania) at the time. The wonderful KORA products I use are Foaming Cleanser, Balancing Rose Mist, Purifying Day and Night Cream, Blemish Gel and last of all Enriched Body Lotion.

Thank - you from the bottom of my heart Miranda